VIETNAM > China based Huawei’s Honor is set to launch in Vietnam

Honor logo

Founded in 2013, Honor is a smartphone for the young, innovative and the trendy which is set to launch in Vietnam and also rapidly into other new markets in South East Asia. The Vietnam launch will be with the release of the Honor 9 lite and Honor 7X smartphone. Honor provides flagship features and seamless performance at an irresistible price for its customers.

According to George Zhao, President of Honor:

“Honor’s strives to meet the needs of a younger generation, offering cutting-edge technology, innovative function and superior user experiences to inspire and empower young people to be themselves. We are excited about the journey ahead of us – bringing innovative products to more markets in the future.”

After the opening of Honor’s first store in Yangon, Myanmar, the Vietnam launch is Honor’s another launch in the new market in South East Asia along with Indonesia and Thailand markets.

Honor aims to be the top five smartphone brand within three years and aims to be the top three within the next five years.

About Huawei

Honor Brand is owned by China based Huawei Technologies that provides networking products and telecommunication services. Huawei also researches and develops internet access, transmission network, servers, storage, security, and other networking products and also offers business consulting, network integration, assurance, managed, learning and global delivery services.