USA > US based Agena Bioscience and Germany based Molecular Health partner for MassArray Interpretation

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Agena Bioscience and Molecular Health have entered into strategic partnership , even though specific terms of the agreement were not disclosed, it is known that Molecular Health will use its MH guide analysis platform to interpret Agena’s MassArray system raw generated data. The firm plan to cooperate and collaborate with their respective customer bases under the partnership and is part of Agena’s MassArray Insights reporting network.

MassArray system clinical testing sphere include Intermountain Healthcare and Assurex Health. According to Agena CEO Pete Dansky, the unmet need for customers using the MassArray platform is fulfilled by the Molecular Health’s data interpretation capabilities in the context of laboratory developed tests.

In the clinical testing sphere, MassArray system users include Intermountain Healthcare and Assurex Health.


About Agena Bioscience

Developer, manufacturer, and supplier of genetic analysis systems and reagents, Agena Bioscience software include MassARRAY System which is a highly sensitive, cost- effective, mass spectrometry based platform. It is used for genetic analysis and is used globally for diverse research fields such as cancer profiling for solid tumors and liquid biopsies, inherited genetic disease testing, pharmacogenetics, agricultural genomic and also clinical research. Headquartered in San Diego, CA , Agena Bioscience was established in 2014 when Telegraph Hill Partners (THP) acquired the Biosciences Division of Sequenom Inc. It markets its products in 30 countries through offices in Germany, China, Japan and Australia.

About Molecular Health

A computational biomedicine company that focuses on big- data curation, integration and analytics to enable precision medicine, Molecular health is the company that developed Dataome, a top quality, curated, interoperable technology system. This system is a culmination of large set of databases and analytics that allows the referencing and integration of clinio- molecular drug and disease data to generate actionable insights on drug outcomes for stakeholders.