USA > Netherlands based Lone Rooftop, a smart building SaaS Specialist, is set to raise $2.5 million for expanding into USA

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Netherland based Lone Rooftop is set to expand into US after securing funding from another Netherland based venture capital firm, Nimbus Ventures. Nimbus will invest $2.5 million and will get a coveted shareholder position from the investment. The funding will be used for Lone Rooftop’s ambitious growth strategy to become the leading space utilization platform. Lone Rooftop is expecting increase in employee numbers that is expected to jump from 20 to over 100 in the next two years.

Lone Rooftop helps large enterprises tackle inefficiency and optimize space utilization by up to 20-percent while saving organizations millions.  Lone Rooftop’s Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) continuously calculates where and how many people are present inside a building – providing rich data and actionable insight in their proprietary dashboards and alongside space optimization not only can employees find available workspace or conference room but also can save energy by making smarter lighting and climate systems decisions.

Lone Rooftop has had a strong growth market in the Dutch and Western European market.

According to Lone Rooftop founder and CEO, Marcel Lamers:

“The increasing demand for our product from the U.S as well as the sheer size of the North American real estate portfolios are clear drivers for the decision to establish ourselves here.”

Nimbus Ventures Partner, Auke van den Hout added the following about the new investment:

“Next to the scalability of Lone Rooftop’s product, we like the enormous potential in the smart building market. We look forward to working together on the international success of this company.”

About Lone Rooftop

Founded in 2014, Lone Rooftop develops products to optimize big office buildings for hospitality and sustainability. Lone Rooftop is headquartered in the Netherlands.

About Nimbus

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Nimbus is a private equity firm that focuses on automotive, brewery and power industries for investment.