USA > Israel based Hysolate is set to expand into the US market

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A pioneer of software defined endpoints, Hysolate is expanding its U.S operations. Earlier this year led by Innovation Endeavors and Team8, Hysolate received $8 million in funding. Hysolate is also hiring sales and marketing staff as a part of the current expansion. Jeff Fisher, an end user computing veteran, has also joined as VP of Sales and Alliances according to a statement from Hysolate.

According to Dan Dinnar, Co-Founder and COO of Hysolate:

“With cyber-attacks increasingly targeting endpoints, user productivity is taking a massive hit. CIOs and CISOs have been locking down devices and limiting what end-users can access in order to secure endpoints. However, this compromised approach is taking its toll, and IT leaders are urgently seeking a better solution. When they learn how Hysolate’s platform easily transforms devices into software-defined endpoints—and creates a completely unrestricted user experience that is secure by design—they are blown away. We’re excited to expand our US presence and capitalize on the huge need for endpoint innovations. Jeff’s expertise in growing desktop virtualization companies will be invaluable in expanding our business.”

Hysolate offers secure by design, virtualization based approach in which end-users are free to access, install and work with whatever websites, apps, external devices and cloud services they need, without being constrained by security restrictions and therefore is considered an ideal platform for privileged activities of IT admins and SWIFT (payment system) users.

Jeff Fisher also commented the following:

“Vendors have spent decades trying to create solutions that ensure user productivity while securing corporate desktops, but everything always fell short. Even the most promising virtualization solutions, like VDI, weren’t adequate for the vast majority of users so adoption never took off. Hysolate solves the problems older approaches couldn’t with its unique hypervisor platform, which sits below the desktop operating system and delivers a completely seamless user experience. I believe Hysolate has the most disruptive solution to hit the market in 20 years. I’m excited to join its stellar team and help grow the U.S. market.”

About Hysolate 
Founded in 2016, Hysolate develops endpoint solution for desktop management which also increases business productivity and its hybrid platform allows enterprises to run multiple side-by-side operating systems on a single workstation while maintaining security. Headquartered in Israel, Hysolate was launched by Team8, a cybersecurity think tank and company creation platform