USA > India based Millitoons Entertainment has acquired 100% stake in US based Kirksville Hospitality Inc. which runs a franchise of Holiday Inn for $4.83 million

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Millitoons Entertainment has announced that it has owned 100% stake in Kirksville Hospitality Inc. which runs a hotel under Holiday Inn franchise for $4.83 million. Millitoons Entertainment has a subsidiary based in the US named Mient Hospitality LLC which was used for this transaction. Kirksville Hospitality has had gross revenue of $1.96 million in the last fiscal year.

About Millitoons Entertainment

An integrated design solutions company, Millitoons Entertainment is engaged in film production, TV commercials, animation and web design. Based in Hyderabad, India, Millitoons Entertainment has had consolidated revenue of Rs. 148,390,339 ($2.28 million) in the year 2016 to 2017.

About Holiday Inn

With the first hotel dating back to 1952, Holiday Inn is owned by IHG. It has 1145 open hotels with 207612 rooms and another 256 hotels in the pipeline. Holiday Inn prides itself and has positioned on delivering affordable and enjoyable hotel experience where warmly welcoming the guests is one of its main concerns.