USA > Denmark based Bakkafrost acquires USA based North Landing Ltd

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Denmark based Bakkafrost is set to acquire all the outstanding shares of North Landing Ltd. North Landing is the Salmon importer of Bakkafrost and the deal is expected to be closed at the end of May 2018.

To better serve its customers, Bakkafrost aims on establishing a base of operation in the US. Over the last decade Bakkafrost has increased focus on market development and with this acquisition, Bakkafrost aims to have a better market access and provide better service to one of the largest salmon markets in the world.

Until now North Landing has been a US salmon importer with a focus on the East Coast and the sales, handling and processing were handled from Clifton, New Jersey. North Landing has been a customer of Bakkafrost for the last 10 years and was the first company to import fresh salmon from the Faroe Island. Employing 36 staff, North Landing will now be structured as a standalone subsidiary of P/F Bakkafrost and all the business and commercial relations will remain unchanged. North Landing Ltd. hence will continue to offer the same products and services prior to the acquisition.

About Bakkafrost

Founded in 1968, P/F Bakkafrost , together with its subsidiaries, produces and sells salmon products under the Bakkafrost and Havsbrún brands in the United States, Europe, China, and internationally. Headquartered in Denmark, Bakkafrost operates through three segments: Fish Farming; Value Added Products; and Fishmeal, Fish Oil, and Fish Feed. Bakkafrost employs 960 employees worldwide.

About North Landing

Headquartered in the US, North Landing Limited L.L.C distributes seafood and it offers fresh, cured, frozen fishes, salmons and other related fishes. It serves customers worldwide and it hires 36 employees.