USA > Czech Republic based OKIN BPS is set to open USA headquarters in San Antonio investing nearly $23 million and creating 1,500 jobs

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After a two year site selection process, Czech based OKIN BPS opens its first office outside of Europe in San Antonio, USA. OKIN BPS is set to invest nearly $23 million and add 1,500 jobs. OKIN BPS had received an incentive of $6.6 million as a Texas Enterprise Fund grant.

OKIN BPS is home to more than 30 businesses in fields such medical, light industrial, technology, education and retail sectors. The new corporate office in Brooks is a 1300 acre master planned former Brooks Air Force Base at 3201 Sidney Brooks. However, before establishing the permanent headquarters, OKIN BPS will restore two historical buildings to be used as a temporary office for preliminary operations.

The land is divided into three districts namely: District A that comprises a mix of retail, schools, park and town center; District B that encompasses residential, office, retail space and a hospital AND District C that incorporates more than 300 acres available for light industrial or commercial users IN technology, cyber security, manufacturing, biomedical and corporate services. Currently it houses DPT LABORATORIES and MISSION SOLAR ENERGY.

According to Governor Greg Abbott:

“OKIN BPS is among the fastest-growing service providers combining people, training and technology. By opening its U.S. headquarters right here in San Antonio, OKIN BPS is undertaking its largest ever expansion effort and building its first office outside of Europe.”


Founded in 1993, OKIN GROUP provides integrated facility management services in Central and Eastern Europe and engages in energy management, technical services, production and maintenance, cleaning and administrative services, business process outsourcing, occupational safety and health, catering, security services, and property and service management businesses. OKIN GROUP is headquartered in Czech Republic.