USA > Cyxtera technologies is set to acquire privately held Immunity Inc.

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Secure infrastructure company, Cyxtera Technologies is set to acquire Immunity Inc. Founded in 2002, Immunity Inc. is a global leader in offense- oriented systems vulnerability research, exploit development and penetration testing services, real- world approach to vulnerability assessments. Having an experienced team, Immunity Inc. is headquartered in Miami, USA.

Cyxtera Technologies will benefit from the acquisition as it plans to incorporate Immunity’s advantages into its expanding portfolio of threat analytics solutions. Cyxtera expects the deal will be closed in current quarter, however pending regulatory approvals and customary closing conditions.

Delivering its products and services to Global 2000 companies and government agencies, Immunity concentrates on offense- oriented techniques and technologies that distinguish from its competition that attempt to address only defense security postures in their products and services. Immunity leadership team includes CEO Dave Aitel and vulnerability research and exploit development space experts: Bas Alberts and Nico Waisman.

According to Immunity CEO Dave Aitel:

“We know the team at Cyxtera well and are excited to take this next step to expand our reach and resources. We’re proud to be joining forces, where our combined capabilities will help Cyxtera further its vision of delivering a secure infrastructure platform.”

Some of Immunity’s advantages are:

  • INNUENDO – An advanced penetration testing tool for modeling data exfiltration attacks, CANVAS – A trusted assessment tool that allows penetration testing and hostile attack simulations to be conducted by security professionals and specialized attack and assessment services – including penetration testing, application assessments, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering, architecture review and source code review.
  • Testing, assessment, consulting services and specialized security products that are designed to help in the hunt for adversaries are the three business line that Immunity is involved in. While the company is also the owner and operator of Infiltrate, the premier annual technical conference exclusively focused on offense and counter-offense security issues

Christopher Day, chief cybersecurity officer of Cyxtera also had to say the following about the acquisition:

“In the security industry, it’s rare that you can blend together offense and defense-oriented capabilities. The advantages of combining Immunity’s products and services with Cythera’s portfolio creates an opportunity to approach cybersecurity in a truly holistic manner. The expertise developed in both companies is highly complementary; it will strengthen our ability to help customers better secure their infrastructure.”

Manuel D. Medina, chief executive officer of Cyxtera also added the following:

“We’re pleased to welcome Immunity to the Cyxtera family. They bring a world-renowned team and an exceptional set of capabilities to our organization, which will help us not only extend our existing cybersecurity offerings, but also help harden and augment our entire portfolio and global data center platform.”

About Cyxtera Technologies

Combine a worldwide of 57 best in class data centers with a portfolio of modern, cloud and hybrid ready security and analytics offerings, Cyxtera Technologies is currently providing its products and services to more than 3500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers. It provides an integrated, secure and resilient infrastructure platform for critical applications and systems for its clients.

About Immunity Inc.

Founded in 2002, Immunity Inc. is a major prominent offensive security firm that serves the financial sector, large enterprises and government agencies. Additionally, Immunity is also beneficial for its clients to assess network and application security. Immunity hosts the annual security conference namely Infiltrate and is a past member of DARPA’s Cyber Fast Track program. Headquartered in Miami, Florida it also has offices in Washington DC and Buenos Aires, Argentina.