USA > BYTON’s North American headquarters is fully operational in Silicon Valley, USA

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In its effort to establish a global presence, BYTON’s North American headquarters become fully operational. BYTON’s North American headquarters covers an area of 80,000 square feet and employs more than 120 employees. It plans to add another 200 jobs next year.

According to BYTON CEO & Co-Founder Dr. Carsten Breitfeld

“BYTON’s idea of marrying the automotive industry with digital technology is well in line with the development direction of technology as represented by Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley’s strength in technology and talent will provide powerful support for BYTON’s R&D endeavor in intelligent driving.”

BYTON has its global operation center, manufacturing base and global R&D located in Nanjing, China. Its’ R&D center responsible for the design of prototype and concept models are located in Munich, Germany. Now with the addition of North American headquarters in Silicon Valley, BYTON has truly become a global company and the North American headquarter will focus on developing intelligent car experience.

BYTON also announced that it has entered into strategic partnerships with Bosch and Faurecia, world’s leading automotive parts suppliers to help it develop smart mobility solutions. BYTON first drivable prototype will debut at CES 2018, its SUV model will launch in the fourth quarter of 2019 while its sedan and MPV will launch in 2021 and 2022 respectively.



Co- founded by former BMW and Nissan executives, BYTON is a premium Chinese electric car venture that is aiming the global market. Its’ name is derived from the phrase “Bytes on Wheels,” with “Bytes” representing the internet and “Wheels” symbolizing automobiles. Headquartered in Nanjing, China, BYTON has its’ R&D center in Munich, Germany and its’ North American headquarter is located in Silicon Valley, USA. The innovation startup has been funded by Harmony Auto, Aulton Investments, League Automotive Technologies, Legend Capital, an industrial investment fund in¬†Jiangsu, China, and Chengtun Group among other investors in its series A financing.