USA > Britain based iam bank opens up its global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois

iam bank

Founded by Irish entrepreneur, Lee Travers, Britain based iam bank opens its global headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Iam provides both digital and physical banking and plans to grow to 35 employees. With special focus on technology savvy millennial customer base, iam provides personal banking with financial technical tools such as mobile apps, machine learning algorithms and chatbots tailored products to fulfill customer needs.

Lee Travers, founder and CEO of iam, has worked in the FinTech industry for more than 20 years and decided to build iam because of his dissatisfaction with traditional banking system.  Created with the objective of providing transparent and relevant solution for its customers by not only giving those tools but also educating them about the banking system, Lee Travers sees a perfect fit for choosing Chicago as the headquarters. According to Travers, Chicago is a wonderful city with a diverse culture and it is a hotbed for FinTech start- ups. He also added that iam bank wants to find the best talent and most innovative products for its customers and Chicago has the best and most talented employees to help iam achieve that goal.

About iam bank

New hybrid based model bank, iam bank, has both physical branch and significant digital banking presence with an aim to achieve 200,000 customers by September 2017. Founded by Irish entrepreneur, Lee Travers, iam bank was established to help the millennial make more and save more.