COLOMBIA > US based Cargill Acquires Colombia’s Pollos El Bucanero


Cargill announced in June 2017 that it has acquired Colombia-based Pollos El Bucanero S.A. (Bucanero Chicken), a consumer brand selling packaged chicken and processed meats products in retail stores throughout Colombia. According to Dnero, a Colombia-based new magazine, Bucanero invested about $100 million in modernizing its production facilities prior to acquisition by Cargill.

About Pollos El Bucanero S.A. — or Bucanero Chicken

Pollos El Bucanero has been serving the Colombian market for more than 30 years. Based on Cargill’s press release, the company works with more than 170 local farms across the country.  Pollos El Bucanero’s website claims that it can produce 9 million birds in every 70-day cycle. Prior to acquisition, Bucanero had 5,000 employees.

About Cargill

Cargill is a US based privately held  global corporation founded in 1865 in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It currently employs 150,000 people in more that 70 countries. In 2016, its approximate income was US$ 107.1 billion. Cargill’s interests include crops and livestock, food, health and pharmaceutical as well as energy and gas among others.