SWITZERLAND > US based Philip Morris invests more than 30 million francs ($31.4 million) in Neuchâtel, Switzerland


Philip Morris International is investing 30 million francs ($31.4 million)  for installing two new high- tech production lines and R&D site in Neuchâtel, Switzerland for producing HEETS tobacco sticks that is used for the IGOS (I Quit Ordinary Smoking). Already produced in a small quantity in Switzerland, the smokeless product heats the tobacco instead of burning the tobacco. Developed at the research center in Neuchâtel and launched in the summer of 2015, Philip Morris aims to replace the use of cigarettes with this product.

The customer base that uses HEETS and IQOS has already reached millions around the world. Philip Morris is certain that this technology reduces the risk of health problems of smokers and aims to sell over 100 billion HEETS sticks over the next two years.

About Philip Morris

Philip Morris International is the world’s leader in tobacco manufacturing and distribution employing around 80,000 worldwide. Located in in more than 180 markets around the globe, 6 of the top 15 international brands are produced by Philip Morris International including Marlboro, the world’s leading cigarette brand which operates in 48 production facilities in 32 different countries. Philip Morris has 150 million customers worldwide. Philip Morris currently employs more than 400 R&D scientist, engineers and technicians to research and producing less harmful cigarettes. Philip Morris site in Neuchâtel has been in operation since 1963 and it employs over 1,500 employees in Switzerland.