Switzerland > Japan’s Softbank set to invest $1.1 billion in Roivant Sciences


Switzerland based, Roivant Sciences has raised $1.1 billion in equity FDI from Softbank Vision Fund. Founded by Vivek Ramaswamy, biology major at Harvard who later went to Yale to get his law degree, noticed pharmaceutical firms abandoning promising drugs for other reasons than their efficacy when he worked as a hedge fund analyst. Sensing an opportunity, Vivek Ramaswamy started Roivant in 2014. Now Roivant has a diverse pipeline of 14 investigational drugs in 6 therapeutic areas being tested in 39 clinical trials across itself and its subsidiaries.

Roivant revolves around the word “vant” as its subsidiaries all end with the word “vant”. Focusing on developing and commercializing therapies by its subsidiaries, Roivant Sciences subsidiaries include Axovant Sciences (neurology), Myovant Sciences (Women’s health and endocrine diseases), Dermavant Sciences (Dermatology), Enzyvant Sciences (Rare Diseases), Urovant Sciences (Urology) and the newly formed Datavant (tech focused AI driven insights in healthcare data sets)

However the $1.1 billion investment is just for Roivant and not for its subsidiaries. Roivant has also had other investors. According to Ramaswamy himself, earlier this year Hedge fund Viking Global Investors invested an undisclosed amount that is considered one of the largest if not the largest investment of private financing of a biotech company in history. Another hedge fund, QVT financial, where Ramaswamy worked once and Dexcel Pharma, an Israeli firm, have also invested in Roivant.

About Softbank Vision Fund

Softbank Vision Fund focuses on tech growth capital investments with focus in AI, robotics, communications infrastructure telecoms, computational biology, bio tech, cloud technologies and software, consumer internet businesses, internet, financial technology and mobile apps. Announced first in October 2016, it was stated to be USD 100 billion fund however according to SEC filing in June 2017, it is reported to be USD 93 billion only. Softbank Vision Fund has invested $32 billion in ARM holdings for chip architecture, $5.5 billion in Didi- Chuxing- a cab- hailing app, $22 billion in Sprint- a telecom carrier, $4 billion in NVIDIA- chipmaker, $1.4 billion in OneWeb- Satellite- based internet access, $2.5 billion in Flipkart- online retail.