SWITZERLAND > India based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is set to establish a new discovery center at Biopôle campus in Lausanne, Switzerland

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To enhance its translational research capabilities, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals is set to open a new discovery center at the Biopôle campus in Lausanne, Switzerland. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals entered the Swiss market in 2004 and currently, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals employs around 160 people in its R&D center for biologics in the canton of Neuchâtel

Glenmark will continue to invest in its existing Swiss site and around 20% of the current employees will be housed in the new facility. Dedicated to life sciences, Biopôle is the largest business park in Switzerland that is spread across 80000 square meters. Especially Biopôle brings innovative solution developing partners in the fields of oncology, immunology and personalized medicine.

According to Dr. Kurt Stoeckli, President and Chief Scientific Officer at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals:

“The Biopôle is one of the most vibrant ecosystems for life sciences innovation in Europe. This expansion opens a universe of opportunity to foster our innovation capabilities by collaborating with the world-class research centers, academic groups and hospitals in the Lausanne vicinity. At the same time, Glenmark’s long-term commitment to our development center in the region of Neuchâtel will remain a key priority.”

About Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

Headquartered in India, Glenmark Pharmaceuticals with its subsidiaries , develops, manufactures, and markets pharmaceutical products in India, the United States, Latin America, Europe, and internationally. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals provides branded and generic formulations in therapeutic areas of dermatology, respiratory, and oncology; and various active pharmaceutical ingredients.