SPAIN > Argentinian firm – Satellogic is set to create 100 jobs in Barcelona, Spain by 2020

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With the opening of the central offices for Europe, Argentina based Satellogic is set to create 100 jobs in Barcelona, Spain by 2020. Complementing the international headquarters in Buenos Aires (Argentina), San Francisco (United States), Montevideo (Uruguay) and Tel Aviv (Israel)., this is the fifth head office for Satellogic.

According to the Chief Data Scientist of Satellogic and head of the new European headquarters in Barcelona, Marco Bressan:

“Barcelona is an absolute talent mine, talent that we need, with three of the five top universities in Spain. The city is well connected to other European cities and it is not difficult to attract highly qualified people: it is an ideal place to start working for a leading company.”

  • Satellogic received the support of Catalan Government through Catalonia Trade & Investment for the office establishment. Satellogic is a company that manufactures satellites that analyses the earth’s surface using algorithms based on artificial intelligence and that provide information to farmers, companies and institutions.

Satellogic has currently 8 satellites in orbit and it plans to launch 4 more by 2018. Satellogic satellite weighs about 45 kg (99.2 pounds) and is located at an altitude of 500 kms (310.68 miles).

About Satellogic

Founded in 2010, Satellogic builds and operates Nano satellites for commercial-grade Earth observation in real-time and offers data streams that are used in decision-making processes for various branches of government, organizations, businesses, and individuals. Satellogic satellites are used for applications in agriculture, pipeline monitoring, critical infrastructure monitoring, disaster response, illegal logging, border patrol, port security, and other applications.