SOUTH AFRICA > US based MRI Software, a real estate software company, is set to acquire MDA Property System, a property management and accounting software company based in Cape Town, South Africa

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For expanding its fast growing presence in EMEA region, MRI software is set to acquire South Africa based MDA Property Systems. MDA Property Systems dominates the South African real estate market with approximately 5000 users and 70 percent of South Africa’s listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) using the company’s software. Founded in 1990, MDA Property System is a property management and accounting software company.

According to Patrick Ghilani, Chief Executive Officer of MRI Software:

“Africa and the Middle East represent important growth markets for global investors and, therefore, are key to MRI Software’s rapid worldwide expansion. MDA Property Systems has a stellar reputation in these markets, and they’ve built an extremely loyal following for their innovative and intuitive solutions. MRI also has a rich legacy in the region, having served the African market for more than two decades. Uniting the strengths of both companies, we are well positioned to bring a comprehensive set of real estate software solutions to the region.”

MRI Software acquisition of MDA Property Systems will benefit MDA clients due to MRI Software’s broad solution set that includes Investment Suite, Fixed Asset Accounting and Facilities Management solutions. MRI Software clients will benefit as they can leverage MDA’s capabilities to work more effectively in the Southern African market.

Mark Fairweather, managing director of MDA Property Systems also had to say the following about the acquisition:

“Combining with MRI Software gives us a global channel for our solutions and a wealth of resources to continue developing our property management software, to both add new capabilities and build integrations with complementary MRI offerings. We are exceptionally excited to join the MRI family and provide international backing to the continued development of our product set for the benefit of our loyal client base. I look forward to joining the MRI team and continuing to lead MDA into the future.”

This acquisition is the third acquisition in 2017 for MRI Software in the EMEA region with acquisition of UK based Real Asset Management in September and Qube Global Software acquisition in October.

With nearly 2,000 clients and 400 employees in the region, MRI is now the largest real estate software provider in EMEA. MDA will continue to serve its clients without interruption while near-term integration activities will focus on providing expanded offerings to all clients.

About MRI Software

A leading provider of innovative real estate software applications and hosted solutions, MRI Software offers a comprehensive and flexible technology platform coupled with an open and connected ecosystem that meets the unique needs of real estate businesses—from property-level management and accounting to investment modeling and analytics for the global commercial and residential markets. With nearly five decades of expertise and insight, MRI develops a long lasting client relationship and it liberates real estate companies to elevate their business and gain a competitive edge.

MRI is now the largest real estate software provider in EMEA with nearly 2000 clients and 400 employees in the region.

About MDA Property Systems

Nearly three decades old, MDA Property Systems is the acknowledged leader in the property software market in Africa. It provides comprehensive software for property and facility managers, with integrated accounting and real-time financial reporting through their core cloud- based application.