SINGAPORE> USA based CenturyLink is set to open its first South-east Asia security operations center in Singapore

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CenturyLink, a communications and data services company, is set to open its first security operations center (SOC) in South-east Asia in Singapore to handle cybersecurity threats in the Asia- Pacific region. CenturyLink aims to offer its enterprise customers in the region a greater ability to predict, protect and respond to internal and external threats through CenturyLink’s network-based security solutions.

CenturyLink Singapore center is the second office for CenturyLink in Asia after India. CenturyLink also aims to build upon the cybersecurity talent pool in Singapore and around the region. CenturyLink operates six other SOCs globally.

Monitoring over 114 billion NetFlow sessions, which provide the ability to collect Internet protocol (IP) network traffic as it enters or exits an interface daily, CenturyLink centers respond to and mitigate about 120 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks per day.

Tracking over 5,000 command and control servers (C2s) daily and removes more than 35 C2s each month, CenturyLink report also shows that China, South Korea and Vietnam are the most popular targets of malicious cyber activity. Additionally, CenturyLink also found China, South Korea and Japan to be the top targets of C2s in the region.

According to Francis Thangasamy, CenturyLink’s Asia-Pacific vice-president of product management:

“CenturyLink has had an operations center in the Asia-Pacific since the early 2000s to serve our customers’ growing demands in scaling their digital businesses. With the launch of our SOC in Singapore today, enterprises are better protected through our comprehensive methodology of people, process and technology to tackle an ever-evolving threat landscape and help secure their digital futures.”

About CenturyLink

Founded in 1968, CenturyLink provides various communications services to residential, business, wholesale, and governmental customers primarily in the United States. Headquartered in the USA, CenturyLink offers virtual private network data network services; Ethernet services; Internet protocol services; CenturyLink Prism TV that allows customers to watch television or cable channels and record up to four shows on one home digital video recorder; and Vyvx, which provides audio and video feeds over fiber or satellite for broadcast and production customers, as well as satellite digital television services.