SINGAPORE > UK based Frontierpay launches Asian headquarters in Singapore

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A foreign exchange and international payments firms, Frontierpay, is set to open its Asian headquarters in Singapore as a part of international expansion.

Expected to grow to a staff of 50 over the next three years, Frontierpay is currently set to hire 5 people. The employees will be focused on supporting customers with their foreign exchange needs which includes supporting existing clients in the region, hedging solutions to new clients, growing treasury and mass payment. Frontierpay is set to put an emphasis on sales, B2B payments, client management and local trade operations.

Due to rapid growth in Asian market, Frontierpay is set to establish headquarters in Singapore because of its world class reputation as a global business center, exceptional infrastructure and talented workforce.

According to Owain Walters, CEO of Frontierpay:

“As Frontierpay has grown over the years, we’ve seen more and more opportunities outside Europe. The Asian market in particular is responsible for much of the global increase in our cross-border trade. With a permanent location in Singapore, we’re well-positioned to serve our clients in managing costs, counterparty risk and exploring new markets, and we expect the location to be a prime driver of growth in our business. We are excited by the regional opportunities and have a fantastic team in our new office in the Central Business District.”

Ultimately, Frontierpay intends to expand in the Middle East, Africa and North America.

About Frontierpay

A specialist in international payments, foreign exchange and core treasury functions, Frontierpay is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Frontierpay delivers cost-effective and dependable cross-currency and same-currency payments across 180 countries.