SCOTLAND > Chevron Aircraft Maintenance to set up Centre of Excellence at Glasgow creating 82 jobs


Manchester, England based Chevron aircraft maintenance to establish a center of excellence for aircraft engineering, maintenance and training at Glasgow Prestwick Airport by January 2017 creating 82 jobs out of which 67 are highly skilled positions. Chevron will establish its new European headquarter with £8.5m ($10.81m) investment and additional £2m($2.54m) Regional Selective Assistance grants from Scottish Enterprise.

The move to Glasgow Prestwick Airport’s 747 hanger is part of Chevron’s plan to increase turnover from £9.6m ($12.21) in 2016 to £19m($24.16m) by 2021. This facility will also help the company to deliver a variety of services it was technically qualified to do but had to previously borrow from other airline facilities to complete. 

About Chevron Technical Services and Chevron Aircraft Maintenance

aircaft maintainance hanger

In 1998, Chevron Technical Services was formed after decision to split from Chevron Aerospace Group to become a completely autonomous business. Chevron Technical Services provide complete Aerospace Solutions. Services include Component Repair and Overhaul, Aircraft Maintenance, Logistics and Recruitment Services.

With over 30 years of aircraft engineering experience supporting global organizations, Chevron Aircraft Maintenance Ltd (CAM) was formed in 2008 as an autonomous Base and Line Maintenance Organization whilst Chevron Technical Services (CTS) continued with Component Maintenance.