SCOTLAND > Australia based Faraday Grid Limited has established its global headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland

Faraday Grid Logo

Australia based Faraday Grid has chosen Edinburgh as their international headquarters. The deal which is backed by the Scottish Development International, Faraday Grid aims to work closely with local universities in Edinburgh and Strathclyde.

Faraday Grid Limited is a systems design company that is developing The Faraday Exchanger, a new technology to address short term volatility and frequency which is especially beneficial for integration of renewable energy. This technology also boasts of greater grid stability, resilience to cyber-attack and reduces the cost of energy for its consumers

According to the Executive Chairman of Faraday Grid Limited, Andrew Scobie:

“As a huge fan of the great scientists, philosophers and economists that called Edinburgh home, I’m absolutely delighted to have moved here and that Faraday Grid is now set up in Edinburgh, hiring local talent in our efforts to solve today’s greatest challenges. I would also like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Scottish Development International for their efforts to assist with building local relationships.”

About Faraday Grid Limited

Manufacturer of electricity distribution and control apparatus, Faraday Grid Limited, offers products such as gearboxes, electricity generators, and variable frequency and voltage converters. Faraday Grid is currently involved in building The Faraday Exchanger which it aims to complete the prototype by late 2017.