PHILIPPINES > South Korea based telecom operator, KT, to sign a $47 million optical fiber network contract with Philippines based Converge ICT Solutions  

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South Korea based telecom operator, KT, is set to sign a $47 million optical fiber network contract. The contract was signed with Philippines based Converge ICT Solutions which is a leading ISP. The contract is to build optical fiber neetwork along approimately 1570 km (975 miles) main road in the northern region of Luzon.

Converge ICT Solution was awarded a $1.8 billion investment program to expand the broadband coverage throughout Philippines in the next five years.

With Internet solutions such as GiGA Wire, GiGA WiFi and GiGA LTE, KT is increasing business in Asia, Europe and Africa.

According to Yun Kyoung-Lim, head of KT’s future convergence and global businesses:

“The deal with Converge ICT Solutions is an opportunity to introduce our technological expertise in telecommunications network planning, construction and operation in the Philippines and neighboring countries.”

Installing more than 5500 km (3400 miles) of optical fiber in Myanmar, Bangladesh and other countries, KT recently signed an agreement with Germany-based albis-elcon to provide its GiGA solutions and technologies to communications service providers in Europe and other parts of the world. KT is also improving ICT infrastructure in Rwanda, Gabon and Botswana and public security network in Angola.

About Korean Telecom (KT)

Founded in 1981, KT Corporation provides telecommunications services in Korea and internationally and KT offers local, domestic long-distance, and international long-distance fixed-line and voice over Internet protocol fixed-line telephone services, as well as interconnection services; broadband Internet access service and other Internet-related services, including IPTV services; and data communication services, such as leased line and broadband Internet connection services to institutional customers. KT is headquartered in South Korea.