PAKISTAN> USA based Cargill is set to invest $200 million in Pakistan

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Cargill Inc, which primarily deals with food and agriculture, is set to invest $200 million over the next three to five year in sectors such as dairy, meat to edible oils and animal feed in Pakistan.

After the meeting between company executives and Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan, the following statement was made:

“Cargill’s proposed investments will support Pakistan’s overall economic development and contribute to local employment.”

Pakistan has stepped up its efforts to stabilize its economy and attract international investors after a grappling with a severe squeeze on its foreign exchange reserves.

About Cargill

Headquartered in US, Cargill Inc. is a multinational corporation. Cargill manufacturers and operates in food industry, agriculture industry, financial industry and industrial products and services. Cargill employs around 155000 employees around the globe operating in 70 countries and is committed to feeding the world in a responsible way while reducing environmental impact.