NEW ZEALAND > UK based Hilton Foods Group announces a new meat processing facility in Auckland, New Zealand investing NZ $ 54 million( $37.12 million)

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Investing NZ $54 million ($37.12 million), Hilton Food Group plc., leading specialist international meat packing company is establishing a new facility, expanding an existing site in New Zealand. Progressive Enterprises Ltd, a subsidiary of Woolworths Ltd, is New Zealand’s leading retailer and the buyer of Hilton Food Group plc.

Hilton Foods New Zealand, Hilton’s new formed subsidiary is the main financier of the project and the development will take as an extension of the current site. Even though the deal is subject to government approvals and the negotiation and finalization of construction and tenure agreements is still in process, the project is expected to be completed and the production to start by 2020. The new facility will provide New Zealand with beef, lamb, pork, and chicken and some value added products.

About Hilton Foods

Founded in 1994 and headquartered in Huntingdon, England, Hilton Food processes, and packs and distributes meat products to food retailers and is one of the largest meat packing company. It operates in Netherlands and four European countries and has joint venture agreements in Australia and Portugal. Hilton Foods has 40 different high quality meat suppliers from around the world.