NETHERLANDS > USA based Synopsys expands its photonic design solution with the acquisition of the Netherlands based PhoeniX Software

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PhoeniX B.V. is a company that is headquartered in the Netherlands which is a global supplier of photonic chip design solutions. USA based Synopsys becomes the leading provider of photonic integrated circuit design automation solutions for a range of application requirement from data communications to sensors and biomedical devices with the acquisition. However, the terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

There is a growing requirement to reduce power consumption in data transmission due to the data rate increase. Hence, photonics presents an opportunity as it deals with the manipulation and movement of light waves and as the use of photonic switching and transmission are becoming a more integral part of high-speed electronic designs.

According to Dr. Howard Ko, general manager of Synopsys’ Silicon Engineering Group:

“The PhoeniX Software technology will bolster our photonics solution in both optical and custom design. The PhoeniX Software physical layout tools are a natural complement to our existing photonics solutions portfolio. The acquisition underscores our commitment to our photonics portfolio to help designers meet their evolving photonic integrated circuit design requirements.”

Synopsys photonics design automation will be enhanced and broaden due to the acquisition by adding photonic aware physical layout capabilities further enabled by support for foundry-specific process design kits (PDK). The acquisition will also extend Synopsys’ Custom Compilerâ„¢ solution for photonic applications.

About Synopsys

Headquartered in the USA, Synopsys provides electronic design automation (EDA) software products used to design and test integrated circuits (ICs). Employing around 12292 employees worldwide, Synopsys offers Galaxy Design platform that offers IC design solutions; Verification Continuum Platform, which provides virtual prototyping, static and formal verification, simulation, emulation, field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based prototyping, and debug solutions; and FPGA design products that are programmed to perform specific functions.

About PhoeniX B.V.

Founded in 1991, PhoeniX B.V. engages in developing, supplying, and supporting software solutions for micro and Nano technology (MNT) corporations and institutes. Headquartered in the Netherlands, PhoeniX B.V. offers Living Database, a manufacturing execution system for process flow design, wafer tracking, cleanroom management, and data analysis, as well as enables users to optimize and simplify decision making processes