NETHERLANDS > U.S. based Symmetry announced expansion of its cloud hosting platform in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Significantly extending its global infrastructure, Symmetry provides SAP application management; security; governance, risk and compliance (GRC); and hosting services in Amsterdam. The Amsterdam cloud platform integrates with four other global platform deployments of Symmetry that is deployed with a new Tier 3 green data center. It provides hosting clients with greater operational flexibility, geographic redundancy and cost effectiveness for their SAP and SAP HANA implementations.

According to Symmetry Chairman and CEO Pete Stevenson:

“The Amsterdam cloud platform expansion is the latest milestone for Symmetry as we grow our global footprint and solidify our position as a leading global provider of expert application hosting and management services for small, medium and large enterprises that utilize SAP. Symmetry is addressing market demand for a ‘best of both worlds’ solution for SAP cloud hosting – the expert quality-of-service we are known for, combined with the global reach and support customers require. This differentiator will only strengthen in the future as we continue to expand our platform deployments across Europe and Asia.”

Symmetry’s ability to support multinational enterprises that value implementing SAP instances in close proximity to European office is augmented by the expansion. Ideally suited to European businesses requiring an initial site that can be expanded on a unified global platform, it has wrapped next generation application monitoring and reporting technology for SAP and SAP HANA applications as standard. Its innovative new services include disaster recovery as a service, SIEM service, and ControlPanelGRC®software suite.

About Symmetry

For more than 200 of the world’s leading enterprises, Symmetry manages complex SAP implementations. With more than 22 years in business, its client centric business model combined with the industry’s most advanced SAP hosting platform and industry leading ControlPanelGRC® software suite delivers exert SAP management services to its clients. Symmetry has been SAP partner since 2005 and is based in Brookfield, United States and it also has other branches in North America and Europe.