MOROCCO > USA based Varroc Lighting Systems is building a manufacturing facility and product development center in Tangier, Morocco

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For producing headlamps and rear lamps for customers in Morocco and southern Europe, USA based Varroc Lighting Systems sets up a manufacturing facility in Tangier, Morocco. For producing and reinforcing its global capabilities as a premier developer and manufacturer of next- generation external lighting systems for the automotive industry, Varroc Lighting Systems has allocated the factory in located in “Tanger Automotive City”, a major industrial center with key connections to southern Europe through “Tanger-Med Port”, one of the biggest ports in Africa.

Expected to create hundreds of local jobs across a variety of functions, the inauguration of the manufacturing facility was announced at a ceremony held on December 11, 2017 in Casablanca and presided over by His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

According to Stephane Vedie, CEO of Varroc Lighting Systems:

“This is a landmark moment for our company, and underscores the great strides we’ve made in the five years since we came under the Varroc Group. The Morocco facility will support both local Moroccan growth as well as our customers in southern Europe. The combination of cutting-edge technology and geographical proximity to Europe will result in competitive offerings that will help us strengthen our position with both existing and future customers. We are committed to being where our customers need us to be.”

Varroc Lighting Systems has made a priority to expand its global footprint in 2017 and its expansion in Morocco announcement was made after the opening of a new product development center in Poland and a new facility in Brazil.


A leading global supplier of innovative lighting solutions for automobiles and two wheelers, Varroc Lighting Systems is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, U.S. Varroc lighting System employs more than 7200 employees worldwide and is spread across Europe, Asia, South America and North America. Specially focused on the safety, mobility and style of all its products, Varroc mixes leading edge technology to the mainstream automotive market with high quality but cost competitive solutions. It is a part of Varroc Group family of automotive components business.