LITHUANIA > Japan based Yazaki expands its production capacity at Klaipėda, Lithuania

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For producing wire harnesses for Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), Yazaki is expanding its production capacity at Klaipėda, Lithuania employing 400 new employees both as production line workers and specialists such as engineering staff, technologists, electronic specialist, automation specialists and electrical engineers. The company also plans to provide qualifications and licences required for all new employees.

The plant in Klaipėda produces wire harness systems for Volvo and Renault trucks currently and produces 10,500 truck cabin sets per month.

Mantas Katinas, General Director of InvestLithuania elaborated, “In recent years, Yazaki has stood out in the fast-growing Lithuanian car component cluster as one of the first foreign investors in the sector in Lithuania. In view of the company’s experience in Klaipėda and its Toyota management model, large foreign investors have gradually begun to trust the prospects for the automobile component sector and consider higher value-added development in Lithuania.”

About Yazaki

The largest manufacturer of automotive wire harnesses in the world, Yazaki has 487 branches around the world in 45 countries. It employs 289,000 employees worldwide and employs more than 1000 production workers and specialist in Lithuania.