LITHUANIA > Germany based Hella is set to open a new plant in Lithuania

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Hella is aiming to serve the rising demand for electronics component in the European market by opening a new plant in Kaunas Free Economic Zone in Lithuania.

In the factory where currently 70 people are employed, Hella is focusing initially on lighting electronics which is later to be expanded to sensors, actuators and control units. The employees are expected to reach 250 in  Lithuania.

According to HELLA CEO Dr. Rolf Breidenbach said about the plant opening:

“A crucial reason for this consists in our consequent positioning along the major market trends: autonomous driving, energy efficiency and electrification, digitalization as well as individualization. With its new plant in Lithuania, we are creating an important prerequisite for meeting the rising demand for our innovative product solutions while continuing our profitable growth path.”

Virginijus Sinkevičius, Lithuania’s Minister of Economy also added the following:

“Despite foreign experts being skeptical about Lithuania’s vision to attract FDI projects from automotive components manufacturers, HELLA became the first serious player that came here and now stands as proof of Lithuania’s capabilities. After HELLA’s decision was announced, many more international companies joined the cluster. Today, the rapid growth and confidence in the industry pave the path for Lithuanian companies not just to supply HELLA with the required materials, but also to talk directly with German engineering and automotive companies.”

About Hella

Founded in 1899, HELLA GmbH & Co develops, manufactures, and sells lighting products, and electronic components and systems for automotive industry worldwide through automotive, aftermarket and special applications segments.  Headquartered in Germany, Hella employs 40263 employees worldwide.