USA > Leclerc Foods to Invest $49 m to Expand US HQ in Tennessee Creating 105 New Jobs


Canada based Leclerc Foods is in process to expand its US operation by investing $49 m for second production center in Kingsport, Tennessee creating 105 jobs. This Center will also act as the US headquarter.

The new plant will also include warehouse, distribution spaces and new manufacturing line for granola bars. Around 100 Tennesseans are already employed in Leclerc Foods existing Kingsport plant, which produces crackers and cookies.

The existing facility will undergo renovation and upgrades between the end of 2016 till mid of 2017. The plant has already undergone two prior expansions, since the beginning of production in Kingsport facility in 2008.

About Leclerc Foods

Leclerc Foods is a Canadian food manufacturer founded in 1905. Its 650 workforce manufacture cookies, snack bars and crackers in six different facilities and distributes the products roughly to 20 different countries around the world.