ISRAEL > US based Ford is set to develop a decision-making system for driving autonomous cars in Israel investing approximately $12 million


Following the Israeli algorithmic solutions company Ford acquired two years ago, SAIPS, Ford is beginning to develop a decision- making system for driving autonomous cars in Israel. Decision making system is a major challenge for autonomous car developers as decisions must be made in fractions of seconds. Ford is planning to invest around $12 million for the system.

SAIPS, the company acquired by Ford two years ago, develops a visual cognitive system that detects and identifies pedestrian and vehicles in the vicinity of the autonomous vehicle even in difficult weather and lighting conditions. SAIPS also develops a core system that makes it possible to draw a completely automatic high-resolution 3D map of cities in which the car will drive itself.

Ford’s new activity will be led by one of the world’s leading researchers in reinforcement learning, Professor Shie Mannor. Professor Shie Mannor is also a senior faculty member at Technion , Israel Institute of Technology and will also be joined by four graduates Dr. Eli Marom, Dr. Gal Dalal, Dr. Assaf Hallak, and Dr. Elad Gilboa. the graduates will be led by machine learning expert Dr. Boris Sherman. Additionally, additional employees will also be recruited.

According to Ford CTO and VP research and advanced engineering Dr. Ken Washington:

“Development of safe and reliable autonomous vehicles requires going beyond the limits of current knowledge in computer science and artificial intelligence (AI). In the past two years, SAIPS has been doing this with great success, thereby making a substantial contribution to Ford’s autonomous vehicle program. I am confident that the new addition to the team will expedite innovation and enable us to meet the aggressive targets we set for ourselves on the journey to building smart vehicles.”

According to the “Globes”, Audi which is part of VW group is also considering research and development center in Israel to develop Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.

Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz Law firm provided legal counseling to the Ford Motor Co. and SAIPS


Founded in 2013 by CEO Udy Danino principal algorithms engineer Noga Zieber (manager of the company’s US branch), and CTO Rotem Littman.  SAIPS employs 30 employees.

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