ISRAEL > UK based Centrica and Ombu Invest is to invest $100 million in Israeli Electric Vehicle Charging Software Provider, Driivz

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UK based Centrica and Ombu Invest is set to invest $100 million in Israel based Driivz, a start-up that offers end to end software solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging. Ombu Group has co- led the investment.

Driivz has a cloud based EV charging operating system that already has 200,000 drivers across the globe using the software. Established in 2012, Driivz offers an end to end solution for charging network operators, car manufacturers and utilities that includes charging, account management and billing.

Centrica Innovations made the investment which was established in 2017 to incubate and accelerate new technologies. Centrica intends to integrate the Driivz platform into a new intelligent EV charging service offer for businesses from Centrica Electric Vehicle Services (CEVS).

According to Jonathan Tudor, Director of Technology and Innovation Strategy for Centrica Innovations:

“With 14 million EVs expected on UK roads by 2030, there can be no doubt that e-mobility will have a significant impact on how we manage the delicate balance of supply and demand to the grid.”

He added:

“This investment is a key opportunity for Centrica to support growing customer demand and work in partnership with Driivz to explore new offers for customers that connect home, work and on-the-road car charging, while also evaluating the role of EVs and potential vehicle-to-grid applications as part of the future energy landscape.”

Stephen Brooke, CEO of Ombu Group also said the following about the new investment:

“Ombu have been watching the EV space closely for a number of years, and in Driivz we are backing an exceptional team with a world-class product. We look forward to partnering with Centrica in this exciting new phase of growth for the company.”

Doron Frenkel, Founder and CEO of Driivz, said the following:

“Working together, Centrica and Driivz will be able to expedite the adoption of EVs and to become a leading force in the distribution of energy and addressing the challenges of EV charging. We look forward to taking advantage of opportunities in the new world and driving the new reality of EV.”

About Centrica

Founded in 1995, Centrica plc. operates as an integrated energy company in the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland, North America, Norway, and internationally. Headquartered in the UK, the company operates through Energy Supply & Services–UK & Ireland, Energy Supply & Services–North America, Connected Home, Distributed Energy & Power, Energy Marketing & Trading, Exploration & Production, Central Power Generation, and Centrica Storage segments. Employing nearly 35191 employees, the company was formerly known as Yieldtop plc.

About Ombu

Headquartered in the UK, Ombu Group is an investment company that focuses on investing in energy, water, healthcare and other industrial technology companies.

 About Driivz

Founded in 2012, Driivz is a company that designs and develops electric vehicle charging software. Headquartered in Israel, Driivz offers a powerful world-class cloud-based user-friendly SaaS platform that spans operations management, energy and grid management, user management, public and work place charging management as well as various advanced billing capabilities and driver applications.