GERMANY > Turkey based Pasabahce opens showroom in Schwanenhöfe, Düsseldorf, Germany


Known for products that make a difference, Pasabahce opens a 300 square meter showroom in Schwanenhöfe, Düsseldorf, Germany. This showroom will also serve as a new base for Pasabahce in North Europe and will be displaying products such as the company’s mass produced and handmade products for the retail and hospitality industries, its unique product range within the “Nude” range (global designer brand of the Sisecam Group) and exclusive premium products.

The showroom was built by famous architecture house Demirden Desing  displaying a glass covered high walling system custom designed for various Pasabahce products. There are also visuals of nature abstract positioned among various products to create a powerful impact with their impressive size delivering an intimate experience for its shoppers.

About Paşabahçe  

Sisecam Group, Europe’s second largest glassware producer and the third largest in the world, owns Pasabahce. The history of Pasabahce in Turkey goes back over 80 years to Ataturk himself. Pasabahce also owns Pasabahce Boutiques which is the country’s leading retailer in its field with unique specialized retailing concept. Pasabahce products are exported to 140 countries offering over twenty thousand automated and handmade products. Pasabahce operates plants in Kirklareli, Eskişehir and Denizli in Turkey, and Bulgaria and the Russian Federation abroad.