GERMANY > London Based Enflux Expands In Europe with a New Berlin Office


Enflux, a London based technology firm focused on predictive data science and machine learning catering to diverse industries vis-a-vis social media and digital marketing, is slated to expand further in Europe by establishing an office in Berlin, Germany. Currently, Enflux has offices in London (UK), Paris (France) and San Antonio – Texas (USA). Enflux cites “creative mind” as the prime reason for expanding into Berlin.

According to Enflux’s press release, it analyses millions of social media posts and up to 18,000 external data sources (from weather to company financials, travel trends, currency fluctuations among other) in coming up with models on what influences and motivates individuals now and potentially in the future.

About Enflux

Enflux uses advanced data science to help companies spot future trends and predict consumer behaviour, as well as truly understand who and what influences business performance

Source: Enflux press release