GERMANY > Invest Chile, a state agency to promote investment in Chile, opens its European office in Frankfurt, Germany

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On its drive to attract more foreign investment in clean energy technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, Chile has opened its InvestChile office in Frankfurt, Germany. The objective of this office is to provide services, networks and guidance to potential European investors.

Chile main two foreign investments in 2016 sectors were renewable energy and mining. Chile produces two thirds of the solar energy generated in Latin America and it is also known for its raw materials namely lithium and copper. Almost half of the world’s lithium and 30 % of the world copper deposits are in Chile.

According to Minister of Economy of Chile, Jorge Rodriguez:

“One of the central themes of our government has been to change and sophisticate Chile’s investment matrix.”
“The majority of foreign investment originates in countries such as Spain, the Netherlands and Germany. In addition, Chile is the oldest trading partner of the EU in Latin America.”

Leading the most relevant business environment rankings in Latin America, Chile has 26 free trade agreements with more than 60 countries and is also a founding member of the Pacific Alliance, a free trade zone that provides a market with 217 million consumers.