FRANCE > USA based ezCater is set to acquire France based GoCater

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As its first ever international expansion, US based ezCater is set to acquire France based GoCater. ezCater lets one order breakfast, lunch or dinner from 10 to  100 people and is particularly useful to impress a client, throw an office party and get lunch together during an offsite.

ezCater is a marketplace and doesn’t cook anything itself. It serves its customers by connecting with catering companies and big restaurants.

Catering is a fragmented industry with a lot of friction. An online marketplace is particularly useful due to people’s reluctance to try new restaurants, difficulty for the restaurants to promote themselves and customers fear of price of the food they are paying for.

ezCater centralizes all the receipts in the same interface to give one a clear overview on catering spending. ezCater also lets other people order food for their clients and events enabling customers to set maximum amounts and tipping policies.

GoCater offers the same offering as ezCater in France and Germany. Despite ezCater having 60,000 restaurants as its partner while GoCater has only a few hundred restaurants on their portfolio, GoCater has an expansion team in Europe and this aligns with ezCater expansion policy of expanding into Europe. Both the brands will be there after the acquisition while slowly merging into a single product in the future.

According to GoCater founder and CEO Stephen Leguillon:

“The entire GoCater team is staying, and we’re now going to rapidly expand the European team of the company — both the sales team for Europe and the tech and product team for the group.”

About ezCater

Founded in 2007, ezCater provides online catering ordering solutions for small start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in the US, ezCater solutions enable users to order food online for meetings and it offers ezManage, a catering management platform; and ezOrdering that provides restaurants with means to accept online catering orders on their own website.

About GoCater

Founded in 2016, GoCater operates as an online platform for catering business and allows users to book various catering companies from single platform. Headquartered in France, GoCater additional services include centralized invoicing and multiple employee authorization and a dedicated account manager per corporate account.