FRANCE > UK based Designer Parfums is set to acquire the fragrance license of France based Cerruti 1881

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According to the announcement by Dilesh Mehta, Chairman and CEO of Designer Parfums, the company is set to acquire the fragrance license of the Cerruti 1881.

Dilesh Mehta further said the following about the acquisition:

“We are pleased to be adding Cerruti 1881 to the Designer Parfums collection of fragrance brands. The Cerruti 1881 brand was founded in 1967 by Nino Cerruti in Paris and is known the world over for the quality of its products in the world of fashion, accessories and fragrance. Our goal is to build on its strong heritage as we develop the brand for future growth.”

Laurent Grosgogeat, Cerruti 1881 Executive Vice President also said the following:

“Cerruti scents have always been a major category for Nino Cerruti, opening the way for hugely successful fragrances in the past 40 years. In partnership with Designer Parfums, we look forward to continuing to build on Cerruti’s strong legacy as a leading lifestyle brand.”

About Cerruti 1881

Founded in 1881, Cerruti 1881 designs, manufactures, and sells clothes for men and women and offers fragrances and accessories, such as watches and jewels, writing instruments, leather goods, glasses, and shoes. Headquartered currently in France, Cerruti 1881 sells its products to customers through its stores in Czech Republic, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, the Russian Federation, the Slovak Republic, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Emirates, Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Morocco, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile

About Designer Parfums

Headquartered in USA, Designer Parfums has a strong assortment of premium fragrances and beauty products which are either wholly owned or operated under license. Designer Parfums is present in 80 different countries and it specializes in the development, manufacturing, marketing and global distribution of perfumes and fragrances.