FRANCE > TSG consulting is set to open new office in Paris, France

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A Science Group company, TSG consulting is set to open office in Paris, France with focus on key European markets particularly France, Germany and Spain. Collectively offering almost 50 years of experience in the chemicals industry, TSG consulting office in Paris will be led by Philippe Kuenemann, supported by three senior consultants. Philippe Kuenemann is joining TSG from Phyteurope which is an independent French industrial group active in the distribution and manufacture of agrochemical products as R&D Director.

According to Dan Edwards, Group Managing Director, Science Group:

“The market in specialist regulatory services for chemical products in Europe remains buoyant and with the Group’s 100+ regulatory consultants and scientists, speaking collectively 30+ languages, TSG is well placed to address it. We are continuing to invest in three key areas: our ability to service major European markets directly, our international partner network, and hiring key industry experts who bring first-hand experience of taking products that require regulatory scrutiny to market.”

About TSG Consulting 

Serving industries such as agricultural, industrial, consumer, food and beverage, animal health, and medical, TSG Consulting provides high-quality regulatory and scientific consulting services. A Science Group company, TSG Consulting  has offices in the US, Canada, France, Spain, Poland, Germany, and the UK partnerships with local agencies in central and Eastern Europe and have long-term arrangements in other jurisdictions including Latin America and Asia-Pacific.