FRANCE > Spain based Silbon, a male fashion brand, opens its first international store in Paris, France

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Spain based Silbon opens its first international store in Paris, France. The event were attended by CEO and founder of Silbon, Pablo López, the President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Paris, José Michael García and the chair-tennis athlete who recently won doubles at Roland Garros who was dressed in Silbon, Stéphane Houdet.

After a month long preparation, Silbon officially opened its store in Paris on May 3rd of May, in District 6 (Rive Gauche), at 141 de la Rue de Rennes in the Montparnasse area. Exponential growth of its online sales which reached a staggering 134% in 2017 was a compelling factor for the new international store compared to the previous session. Silbon with 41% in overall growth reached nearly 7 million euros in 2017 and with the new opening Silbon aims the figure to be as high as 10 million in 2018. The company is also considering the possibility of new opening in London in 2019 depending upon the current performance.

About Silbon

Silbon was founded by Pablo López and Rafael Díaz in 2010. Silbon has 15 self-owned stores in Spain and a new store in France. Silbon also has an online store that provides international service. Silbon is  oriented towards an updated classic man’s style, focusing its collections on formal garments.