ETHIOPIA > Agrotop has signed a contract to develop one the largest poultry farms in Africa and the Middle East

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A global leading player in livestock turnkey projects, Agrotop has signed a contract to develop a large scale poultry integration project with Nutropia Poultry & Feed in Ethiopia.

Nutropia will receive knowledge transfer and management services from Agrotop in which Agrotop will also design, build and equip the project. The headquarters of the farm is to be at Addis Ababa and the new farm is expected to produce 24000 tons of chicken meat per year.

With an initial investment capital of 20 million euro ($23.3 million), Nutropia at the first stage will consist of hatchery, broiler farms and slaughterhouses that are capable of providing 4700 tons of poultry meat annually. Nutropia project will include a parent stock rearing farm, a parent stock production farm, six broiler farms, a hatchery, slaughterhouse and poultry feed mill.


The broiler and poultry feed farms will be vertically integrated providing chicken meat at affordable prices in domestic Ethiopian market as well as East Africa and Middle Eastern markets.

Agrotop will assist the project by providing economically efficient and environmentally sustainable latest technology.

According to explained Fasika Eyassu, Nutropia’s co-founder:

“One of the main reasons for malnutrition in Ethiopia is the unavailability of cheap animal protein. Currently, only 12 percent of the country’s protein intake comes from animals. Nutropia is entering the market with the aim of closing this gap. We aim to restore dignity of mankind by ending hunger and malnutrition. We believe that great businesses tackle great problems.”

As compared to 2.3 kgs per year per person in the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa, Ethiopia’s annual average chicken meat consumption is only half a kilo per year with 41 kgs per year per person in Peru. Nutropia’s venture is hence capable of providing cheap meat and also easily obtained protein.

Fasika added the following:

“After we conducted comprehensive research, we assigned Agrotop to lead the process of building the new farm. We visited the Chirina project constructed by Agrotop in Georgia and this is exactly what we had in mind.”

Gavriel Pelleg, Agrotop’s CMO and founding partner also said the following:

“The fact that Nutropia chose Agrotop to lead such an ambitious project illustrates our leading position in the field of poultry turnkey projects. We believe this project has sound business rationale and will make a real contribution to ensuring food security in Ethiopia.”

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A leading global player in livestock turnkey project, Agrotop provides a full range of services for realizing livestock and agro-industry construction projects, while focusing on its clients’ visions and maximizing their business results

About Nutropia

Headquartered in Ethiopia, Nutropia is a poultry and feed company. It aims to be one of the top 10 poultry and feed companies in Africa and the Middle East within 10 years.