CHINA > U.S based BASF opens its first chemical catalysts manufacturing plant in Caojing, Shanghai China

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Opening its first facility in the Asia Pacific region, BASF – a worldwide leader in chemical catalysts manufacturing and supplies – opened its new world- scale chemical catalysts manufacturing plant in Caojing, Shanghai, China. To serve the region’s growing chemical industry, BASF plant in China produces base metal catalysts and absorbents that combine localized production and application technology for customers.

Located in the Shanghai Chemical Industry Park (SCIP) in Caojing, BASF plant will be highly automated and energy efficient.

According to Detlef Ruff, BASF’s Senior Vice President, Process Catalysts

“The start of our new, world-scale production plant for chemical catalysts in Shanghai represents a milestone for our process catalysts business. 60% of the world’s chemical production will happen in Asia by 2020, with more than half of this in China. Local production will significantly help us strengthen our relationships with customers from the chemical industry in Asia and further enhancing the customer experience with improved product availability and shortened lead times. In combination with the BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific in Shanghai, we can now offer our customers regional specific development and production of the latest catalyst technologies. The plant also offers potential for additional expansion as well as flexibility to adapt to new customer production requirements in the years to come.”

Dr. Stephan Kothrade, President Functions Asia Pacific, President and Chairman Greater China, BASF said the following about the new plant:

“Together with our partners, BASF has invested CNY 19.7 billion as of the end of 2016 (approximately € 2.5 billion) in state-of-the-art production located in Caojing. What we produce here directly supports the development and modernization of Chinese industry. Our solutions improve efficiency and sustainability in the chemical industry and other industries, and reduce reliance on imports, thus enhancing competitiveness of our customers in light of supply-side reform.”

The catalysts and absorbents manufactured in this facility will be used in the production of various chemicals such as fatty alcohols, styrene, and butanediol.

This facility will be supported by the new Process Catalysts R&D Center that is located in BASF Innovation Campus Asia Pacific in Pudong, Shanghai. The R&D center is focused on the development of new process catalyst to meet the needs of the Asian market. Further strengthening and providing support to the new chemical catalyst manufacturing site, the R&D center will support the catalyst preparation with strong research competencies, scaling and performance evaluation.

About BASF

Employing around 114000 employees in the BASF Group, the portfolio of BASF is organized into five segments: Chemical, Performance Products, Functional Materials and Solutions, Agricultural solutions and Oil and Gas. Headquartered in Germany, BASF generated sales of €58 billion ($71 billion) in 2016.