CHINA > Germany based Rolls- Royce Power Systems and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CCRC) have signed an agreement in Friedrichshafen, Germany for continuation to consider MTU engines from Rolls-Royce for CCRC

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The already highly productive relationship between Rolls-Royce and CCRC, with CCRC ordering around 500 MTU Series 4000 engines for locomotives used in New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa, have deepened both of their commitment to continuation of MTU engines by signing an agreement in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Both the companies have also agreed to collaborate on future power delivery solutions including hybrid drives and gas engines.

According to Dayong Chen, General Manager for International Business at CRRC:

“This strategic partnership agreement is a major step forward in strengthening our successful collaboration with Rolls-Royce Power Systems and MTU.”

Andreas Schell, CEO of Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG also said the following about the agreement:

“We are proud that we are consistently convincing CRRC, one of the major players in the global rail market, of the quality of our drive solutions. Our close working relationship has been established firmly in recent years, and this agreement puts it on a new footing – something which is going to benefit both partners and our customers as well.”

CCRC is playing a key role in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” in which China is looking to invest hundreds of billions of euros in infrastructure in many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. The partnership agreement between Rolls Royce and CCRC was signed at MTU Rail Symposium in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

About CCRC

CCRC is the world’s largest supplier of rail transit equipment and is headquartered in Beijing and owns 46 wholly- owned and majority owned subsidiaries. It is involved in R&D, design, manufacture, repair, sale, lease and technical services for rolling stock, urban rail transit vehicles, engineering machinery, all types of electrical equipment, electronic equipment and parts, electric products and environmental protection equipment, consulting services, industrial investment and management, asset management, import and export. Ranked 266 on the Fortune Global 500 list, CCRC’s revenue in 2015 was $37.8 billion and its R&D investment is EUR1.408 billion ($1.66 billion) making it the 96 on the World Top 2500 R&D Investors.

About Rolls –Royce

Headquartered in Germany, Rolls- Royce Power Systems manufactures and sells engines, propulsion systems, drive systems, industrial drives, and onsite energy systems worldwide. Founded in 1999 it employs around 10479 employees.