BANGLADESH > Azeus Convene, a subsidiary of Azeus System, expands to more than 40 countries worldwide

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Azeus Convene has successfully expanded to more than 40 countries in Africa and Asia including Uganda, Bangladesh and Indonesia to name a few. This opens up new untapped market for Azeus Convene. Azeus Convene offers its clients a smart, simple and secure solution.

According to Jerry Chua, Marketing Head for Convene the latest achievement was due to the company’s consistent hard work and dedication of its employees:

“Our sales and marketing teams have enabled our substantial growth. Credit also goes to the development team for delivering an innovative product that clients love to use.””

Azeus Convene is a leading board and enterprise meeting solution that allows organizations to have productive and efficient meetings across the world. While offering powerful features that facilitate collaboration and organize meetings from beginning to the end, Azeus Convene is also very easy to use. Azeus Convene is accessible on all platforms and devices and it also offers total confidentiality with enterprise grade security

Azeus Convene has also received awards and recognition internationally for its services. Due to its key features and customer centric approach it has been awarded Best in Biz International and IT Europa. In this current year, Azeus Convene was dubbed as the Most Innovative Product/Service awardee by the Golden Peacock Awards – edging out 400 entries from other public, private, and government enterprises.

Jerry Chua added that:

“Our goal is to be the number one choice for board and enterprise communications in five years or less,”

Azeus Convene has clients in both the private and public sectors globally. By treating its clients as partners and taking their feedback as points of enhancement, Azeus Convene plants to continually improve and meet the customer expectations.

About Azeus Convene

A multi awarded board portal solutions for secure and efficient communication; Azeus Convene provides its services to boards and committees in over 40 countries. A leading provider of IT services, Azeus Convene has more than 20 years’ experience in various clients across Asia Pacific and Europe. Some of the countries where it operates are Hong Kong, UK, US, Australia, Canada etc. Azeus Convene has a solid track record of building a secure, mission- critical system that includes law enforcement and public health authorities in multiple countries.