AUSTRALIA> Singapore based WEFIC and Australia based KINETIC jointly announce the launch of a service facility

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Marking an important milestone in promoting high-end marine wellheads in Australia, Singapore based WEFIC and Australia based KINETIC jointly announced the launch of a service facility.

According to Willy Ben Ng, Vice President of WEFIC:

“Given the strong market demand for wellhead products and the tight delivery requirements in relation to the Australian market, WEFIC decided to partner with KINETIC in setting up a service facility in a bid to more rapidly meet customer expectations and alleviate customer pressure on warehousing and financing.”

KINETIC will provide its advantages in warehousing and logistics, installation, debugging competences and localized services across Australia and New Zealand whilst WEFIC will provide the world’s leading wellhead products, technologies and training in the joint partnership. KINECTIC is also planning to expand its business scope to sales and maintenance of high-end wellhead products including to existing well repair and test services.

WEFIC’s high- end wellheads are gaining popularity among Australian customers due to its ability to perform maintenance without the need to dismantle the blowout preventer (BOP) that minimizes risks that will save 24-30 hours off installation time which will eventually cut costs by approximately $100000 per well. Other WEFIC’s innovations include integrated and nested hanger configurations. This service station will also help WEFIC enhance its presence not only in Australia but also New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.



A wholly owned subsidiary of Kerui Petroleum, WEFIC, specializes in the research and development of conventional wellheads, high-end wellheads, valves and onshore Christmas tree equipment backed by a world-class team of wellhead professionals in Singapore. Kerui was formed in 2013 and is currently headquartered in Singapore.