The World Cup and the World of FDI 

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Like many of you, I had been glued to the edge of my couch for the last several weeks, biting my nails while witnessing the excitement of nations battle it out for global supremacy. No, I am not talking about the “trade war”. I am talking about football (soccer), though the trade war and global political punches have been equally electrifying!

Just like the global economy and politics, the football success goes through cycles and this world cup definitely demonstrated that. Some of the biggest names and achievers over the last decades failed early on - Germany and Spain for instance. Brazil and Argentina couldn't live up to the hype as star players couldn’t come together to lead their countries to victories. Four time world champion – the Italian team - didn't even make it to the event. On the other hand, emerging nations (in football and in global economy) such as Croatia, Russia and Iceland demonstrated incredible results.   

Similar to the ranking in the football world, global political and economic power ranking seemed to have reshuffled as well. With unclear Brexit strategy and the ongoing political conundrum, Britain’s stability is being questioned as several banks are contemplating (or already have) moved their headquarters/offices out of the country (see With looming trade war instigated by Trump and retaliated by the Chinese, both nations are witnessing significant decline in cross border investments impacting global FDI transactions as well (see While the world cup is over and we have a clear winner, this global battle for political and economic prowess however, is far from over and everyone has her/his own version of who is winning.

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