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The cold winter months are here in Boston, but the crypto currencies are getting hotter than ever. I am not talking about the skyrocketing price of Bitcoin or Ether but the larger and wider impact that these novel currencies are making throughout the world. In Zimbabwe, bitcoin traded at twice its cost as in the rest of the world as Zimbabwe's dollars depreciates as a result of hyperinflation. Read more here ( In Venezuela, people are turning to crypto currencies to purchases things like medication as well as to pay employees. Rich and poor, all are converting bolivars into bitcoins as their fiat currency is quickly losing value. See news here ( While Chinese government is not so friendly about these crypto currencies, a Chinese millionaire just bought four F1 cars using Litecoin (a form of crypto-currency). Read here ( With this trend, we may not be far from crypto currency denominated global trade as well as crypto based FDI! 

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