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Every time I hear from an entrepreneur or a business leader on how FDI Analytics insights have given them an edge in understanding where and why companies are expanding to, it makes my day. After all, we were founded on the principal of openly and freely sharing global investment movement insights so that both big and small companies can learn from each others' global initiatives.       

Likewise, with our Location Profiles, we've had amazing response from both businesses/investment communities as well as from investment promotion agencies. Our holistic and multidisciplinary approach to dissect an investment location grounded on unbiased assessment cuts through "sugarcoats" and unnecessary noises. At the end of the day, it is not the glossiness of the profile on paper, internet or other media but the actuality, the real experiences of companies and the receptiveness of the location that really matters for investors and business leaders.

We have a pipeline of location profiles on global metros that will be released in the near future, so stay tuned on that exciting front. Check out http://fdianalytics.com/location-profiles/ for profiles on the Greater Boston Area and Nepal. 

Finally, below are some selective insights on global FDI movements. Click on each insights below or jump to our portal (fdianalytics.com) where you can easily filter insights by location and/or industries. Have fun exploring. 



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