The New Normal

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It hasn't even been two weeks into Trump's presidency, the impact has been felt throughout the world. From fuss over wall with Mexico, blanket ban on Muslims from certain countries to enter America and rejection of trans pacific partnership (TPP), the US is leading the inward movement. The greater risk is that of potential retaliation by other nations with similar measure threatening labor movement and trade war among nations. Though we don't believe this will happen and think that these initial movements are tactics to appease his support base, we've all now learned to expect the unexpected.     

We haven't seen a major setback in FDI deals because of the global "inwardness", but it is simply too early to call. For the month of January, we look at deals in Americas, Asia, Europe as well as the MENA region. In the US, we see Asian FDI influx with South Korea based Samsung and Japan's TDK as well as SoftBank investments. Two phone makers Nubia and Oppo bet on India.  Several hospitality and entertainment deals take place in Europe. Finally, food and beverage investments deals lead in Turkey.  

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