New Year = Inward Tendency or Greater FDI?

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What a year 2016 has been! With Trump in America, Brexit and nationalistic tendency in Europe, deteriorating relationship between Russia and the US and Duterte's ascending in Philippines, it certainly feels as if countries are primarily looking inward risking years of global trade and investment achievements.

Despite of this populist tendency in global politics, we, at FDI Analytics, are positive in our outlook and think that actuality will not be as gloomy as the rhetoric next year. With that we wish you our very best in the coming year. Whether you are expanding or investing in a new location or are looking to attract firms and investments in your area, may the new year bring greater opportunities, more deals and overall a greater economic prosperity.        

Rounding up our FDI insights for December, we look at deals in Americas, Asia and Europe in this edition. In Americas, manufacturing FDI projects in the US and Brazil lead the scene, while a fin-tech firm expands into Canada.  

In Asia, FDI in Pakistan shapes up with Renault setting up manufacturing base there, Turkish Arçelik acquiring local home appliance maker Dawlance and Dutch FrieslandCampina acquiring majority stake in local Engro Food.

In Europe, Google invests in creating a headquarter in London and a data center in Eemshaven, Netherlands. LinkedIn invests in Dublin while a Chinese firm, Red Rock Power, invests in Scotland among other projects.      

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