Dynamic Month of November..

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The month of November was nothing but dynamic. Firstly, Donald Trump, with his "autarkic" campaign, won the the US Presidential election, surprising the US as well as the worldwide community. This left the global trade and investment community wondering as to which direction the US would go next, though the US stock market has so far reacted positively. Secondly, the death of Cuban revolutionary, Fidel Castro, marked the end of an era that on one hand inspired a global social movement while on the other, repressed freedom of choices in politics, religion and expression among others.

In regards to FDI projects, we look at deals in Americas, Asia, Europe and Africa in this edition. In Americas, US dominate the scene with two Irish firms - Almac (pharmaceutical) and Kerry Group (nutrition company) and Israel based cyber security firm Cybereason expanding in or furthering investment in the US. Business Intelligence software firm founded in Sweden, Qlik, expands to Brazil and French technology firm OVH invests in HQ in Montreal.  

In Asia, India once again tops the list with Burger King and Ford announcing investments there. US based healthcare technology firm, iMedX, is also investing in India to build its operations. Burger King's "brother company" - Tim Horton - is set to expand into Philippines while a consortium of property developers expand into Indonesia.

In other parts of the world, Italian infrastructure firm - Atlantia - sells stake to expand outside of Italy, where it has been focused thus far, and India based SRL Diagnostic expands into Kenya in another emerging-developing FDI deal.    

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