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In this month's newsletter we start by covering FDI deals that took place in the developed markets of North America and Europe. Across the developed regions, the primary sector of choice, unsurprisingly, is "technology". Canada's Aviglion and Australia's SimPRO expands into the US while New York's Influenster expands to Canada. Three American tech giants (IBM, Apple and Amazon) invested in Europe on researching Internet of Things (IoT) technology in Germany and on data centers in Denmark and France. Japan was also a beneficiary of data center investment US based Equinix.

We also saw the expansion of South Africa based Woolworths into Australia - a unique case for an emerging market firm expanding into a developed one.  

India continued to be in FDI radar as among other deals, Vodafone's massive investment in India turns heads. Finally, China led development bank - AIIB - invests in Myanmar's energy project. AIIB is considered as an alternative to World Bank with similar aims and ambitions but led by China and its allies.  

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